Guided Writing: Report About Trips to Wales

This activity consists of two parts. The first part is developed in the classroom and the second one at home. It can be used with intermediate and advanced students.

First, students hear this podcast about Wales, in the site you can find the podcast and the script. I’ve found it in the British Council site. They are only given the instruction of gathering as much information as possible. I normally let them hear texts twice.

After listening, students have to organise their information under tags of “culture”, “history”, “tourism”, etc. They are then seated in groups and each group is in charge of one of those tags. After collecting all the information they have in the group, they stand up and scatter to find more information among the other students. At the end, each group shares orally all the information they have.

Then, they are given the embedded task you can see below as homework. They can write their report individually or in a collaborative way with Google Docs. I prefer the collaborative version. I creat the document you have below and invite all of them. They have the document available for a week and each of them has to write what they want and when they want to. I correct it when it’s finished and hang it on a visible place, sometimes even out of the classroom.

Writing collaboratively is very useful and motivating. Students just write a couple of sentences and then visit the document often to see how it grows. At the same time, we all have more time to practise different kinds of writings.


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