Pronunciation of the initial ‘s’

Spanish students tend to add an /e/ sound whenever a word in English begins with the sound /s/. When I decided to work on this problem, I discovered that no pronunciation nor course book deals with this phenomenom. That’s why I decided to create my own worksheet to work in class.

This worksheet can be used in different ways:

1. We can display it on a screen or TV set and ask them to read the sentences alone before the whole class.

2. We can do the same, but in small groups.

3. We can play a game I particularly enjoy: all students stand up next to their seats. They have to read a sentence up in turns. Those who do it wrong have to go back to their seats. Only those students to read all sentences correctly won’t be seating at the end of he activity. I promise most of my students always seat.

4. We can ask them to do any of the previous activities and then write more sentences including words beginning with an ‘s’. Then they’ll have to challenge their classmates to read them.

Anyway, there are many possibilities. You can also read the post I wrote for my students after working this in class. It contains a simple explanation to help them produce this sound.

Finally, here you are the worksheet:


2 thoughts on “Pronunciation of the initial ‘s’

  1. Eva, this is a brilliant idea! I am having the same trouble with my students and cannot find any materials to help with this pronunciation error. But your document is no longer posted on this webpage. Could you possibly repost it or email it to me? Thanks!

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