Zen Christmas

Yes, Christmas is gone, thank goodness. But as I don’t want to forget this activity I’m posting it here.

My students’ task for their Christmas holidays was writing an opinion essay: ‘Christmas: a time to share time with your family or a time to waste money?’. I taught how to write an opinion essay and opened a discussion in class so as to give them ideas.

Some days later I came accross this beautiful article thanks to my friend Laura Martín. The article appeared in the blog Zen Habits and talks about how much money we spend on Christmas presents and gives advice on how we could share costless things with our beloved ones. And I thought, why don’t we have our zen presents in class? And this activity was born. Continue reading


Feelings: activity for revision of vocabulary

After teaching adjectives to describe feelings in class, I used this activity as warm-up and revision.

  • Time: 15 minutes
  • Language: adjectives to describe feelings
  • Level: intermediate, upper-intermediate
  • Materials: one set of cards for each group of 4-5 students

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