Feelings: activity for revision of vocabulary

After teaching adjectives to describe feelings in class, I used this activity as warm-up and revision.

  • Time: 15 minutes
  • Language: adjectives to describe feelings
  • Level: intermediate, upper-intermediate
  • Materials: one set of cards for each group of 4-5 students


  1. The teacher divides stduents into groups of 4-5, taking into account their abilities. We should pay attention to shy students and try not to have them in the same group.
  2. Students have to stand forming a circle. Their set of cards has to be placed downwards next to the area where they’re working.
  3. The first student takes one card and tries to mimic the adjective given, i.e., “amazed”. Their classmates have to guess the adjective (that has been taught before). They can’t use words, just their body or any nearby object.
  4. The student who guesses the word keeps the card.
  5. At the end we count how many words they’ve guessed.

For these kinds of activities I usually have some candy or chocolates in class. The winner or winners will get some.

These are the cards I used for this activity. I recommend you to print them in different colours for each group. Of course you can do this activity with other vocabulary.

If you do this activity, why don’t you leave me a comment saying how it worked?


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