Natasha Bedingfield: Unwritten

Whenever I hear this song I say to myself, I have to do something with it, after a lot of thinking, here is the activity I designed:

Time: 30 minutes

Skills: Listening, reading, speaking, writing. Students are encouraged to listen to a song, read its lyrcis, write and speak about it. They are forced to think in English and speak about feelings.

Level: Upper-Intermediate to Advanced

Aim: To analyse the meaning of the song and to write some creative lines.

Contents: Expressing your opinion, talking about feelings.


  • Students watch the videoclip of the song Unwritten, by Natasha Bedingfield. If we have time, we can share with them what the Wikipedia says about this song.
  • We tell them to pay attention to what happens there and at the end we ask them what they saw. If they don’t know what to say, we can tell them to say what they think that happened in the lift, and where it takes everyone.
  • Then we give them the lyrics and ask them the meaning of the song. If they don’t know what to say, we can use the ideas given at Blurt It. They have to write a few lines about it and then share them with their classmates.
  • When they’re finished, we’ll point out these lines taken from the song:

Feel the rain on your skin
No one else can feel it for you
Only you can let it in

  • We share with them this idea: It’s clear that feeling the rain on your skin is something that can make you feel alive.
  • Now it’s their time to share with the whole class those things that make them feel alive.

These kinds of activities are sometimes risky, so we have to think it twice before using it with a group that’s not cohesive enough or with people afraid to talk about feelings.


These notes contain some extracts from the website Blurt It and the lyrics to the song, together with the questions students have to answer.


Playing Charades

I really think that laughter and fun have to be included in all my lessons. When things are presented in an interesting way, your brain is more receptive to new knowledge. Besides, I also feel that if I have fun while teaching, I also feel more motivated and students receive that feedback. Continue reading

Saint Valentine’s Day

For this special day I’ve designed a 30-minute lesson plan for my upper-intermediate students, though it could be used with intermediate and advanced learners too.

The lesson plan includes the use of vocabulary referring to body parts and comparative and superlative structures.

I’ve chosen Bruno Mars’ song “The Way You Are” because me and my students really like it. Here you are the videoclip of the song.

Finally, I leave here the lesson plan, you can download it if you wish to. I would also appreciate that you left a comment if you use this activity in your own class saying if it worked.