Saint Valentine’s Day

For this special day I’ve designed a 30-minute lesson plan for my upper-intermediate students, though it could be used with intermediate and advanced learners too.

The lesson plan includes the use of vocabulary referring to body parts and comparative and superlative structures.

I’ve chosen Bruno Mars’ song “The Way You Are” because me and my students really like it. Here you are the videoclip of the song.

Finally, I leave here the lesson plan, you can download it if you wish to. I would also appreciate that you left a comment if you use this activity in your own class saying if it worked.


2 thoughts on “Saint Valentine’s Day

  1. I just thought I could drop by to let you know that I brought the lesson plan to the classroom in anticipation of St. Valentine’s and it worked wonderfully well with my SS of Intermediate Level. I monitored their writing of compliments and then, we had the occasional student blushing when we read them out… 🙂 They enjoyed this fun activity and it certainly made their day 😉 Thanks for sharing. Eva.

    • Thank you. I feel so proud someone has used my activity. This activity made my day too. At the end we decorated our display with heart-shaped cards and their compliments on them. The atmosphere was perfect and we all left the school with a smile on our face. I really like this kind of activities, though sometimes they’re a bit risky.

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