How To Know You’re in Love

This is the second activity I’ve prepared for my upper-intermediate students this year, and it’s based on a video from Videojug. But before watching the video we’ll do a previous activity.

First, I’ll ask students these questions. I’ll let them discuss the answers in pairs and then we’ll gather all the information.

  1. What are the early symptoms of love?
  2. What are the hazards of being in love?
  3. What things do we ignore when in love?
  4. How do you know your love will last?

After this short discussion activity, it’s time to watch the video, you can find its transcript here.

I normally show these kinds of videos once, but I don’t mind playing them a second time if I see my students need it. After watching I’ll ask them the previous questions again, this time they’ll have to tell me which answers the video gives. Finally, we compare their first answers with the information of the video.

Finally, I would like to share how I’ve prepared my whiteboard for this special day. I hope you like it.


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