Playing Charades

I really think that laughter and fun have to be included in all my lessons. When things are presented in an interesting way, your brain is more receptive to new knowledge. Besides, I also feel that if I have fun while teaching, I also feel more motivated and students receive that feedback.

I prepared this activity about one year ago for my intermediate students. It isn’t related to any language topic in particular, I just desgined it to make them use English in a creative way and to create a nice atmosphere for a tougher topic we were seeing that day.

The activity is based on the popular game “charades” and it consists of a slide presentation with instructions and a set of flashcards with the titles of the movies.

The most difficult part was selecting the movies and I took several factors into account:

  • The movies had to be known by everybody.
  • I made sure the titles in English could be recoginsed by my Spanish speaking students.
  • I made sure the individual words of each title could be easily explained through mimic.


  • The instructions are displayed on a screen and we make sure they understand them completely.
  • Studens are divided into two groups.
  • One member of the first group takes the first flashcard and explains the title following the instructions given until the other group guesses.

This game works very well and guarantees a good laugh.

In the following slide presentation you can find the instructions I used followed by the flashcards.

Finally here you are a video with an easy explanation of this game found on YouTube.


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