Embarrassing situations

Again twitter served as inspiration for a lesson. I read this article on facebook and I thought, why not? So I captured some of the tweets I found more interesting for my B2 students and designed the activity. To summarize, this blogger posted an anecdote about an embarrassing situation she had lived that day, and her followers started filling her timeline with similar anecdotes, and the result was hilarious.


First I told them the story that you can read here, and then I showed them the answers that people posted on twitter. Then we shared some similar anecdotes with the whole class, just to see that they had understood what they had to do.

After explaining what they had to do, they posted their anecdotes on the secret facebook group we have, and they did it using their mobile devices in class. At the same time, I displayed the group using the projector, so that those without internet access could see what was happening. This tiny group of students without internet access also posted their anecdotes using the device of a mate or the class pc.

The final step was commenting on their mates’ anecdotes, asking questions, etc.


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