Emotional Interview

This is a fun activity, ideal to practise intonation and to discover that not only our words can be used to convey meaning. And it includes Jimmy Fallon and Amy Schumer, what else can you ask for?

I think this activity can be used from B1 onwards and the only materials you need are the slides and the video below. I didn’t use the whole video, I decided to omit the part of the birthday and being horny and scared.


Show your students the first slides before watching the video and make sure they understand all the words. If they don’t, help them with mimic.


Play the video and ask them to pay attention to how they change their pitch, their intonation, their speed when talking, etc.


Now it’s their turn, ask them to do the same, starting a conversation with a topic they choose, and using the same tools they characters on the video use.


Now that they are finished you can select different couples to repeat what they did. I recommend you walk around them to monitor their performance during the activity so that you can choose different couples for this last part of the activity.

I did this in class 2 weeks ago and it was hilarious, they could’t stop laughing and they really involved themselves in the activity.


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