What makes a good life?

I came across this Ted Video this morning and decided to prepare a class activity about it. The topic is ideal for my group of teachers and non-teachers who attend a B2 speaking course.


LEVEL: B2 and above

AGES: 16 and above

TIME: 90 minutes approx

MATERIALS: youtube video projected in class

GROUPING: pairs, small groups and whole class

You can download the lesson plan here or read it below.


a) Pre-watching (15 minutes)

Ask students these questions. They should answer in small groups, then do some whole group feedback. I suggest you form the groups attending to age. Answers might vary according to life experience.

  1. What keeps us healthy and happy trough life? 
  2. If you were going to invest in your future self, where would you put your time and your energy?
  3. What are your most important goals in life?

b) Watch until minute 1:17. (5 minutes)

4. Ask this question and get whole class feedback: Are you surprised with what is said in the video?

c) Now watch until 1:57. (20 minutes)

5. Ask this question: How can we analyse the entire life of somebody? (whole class question)

6. Ask them to work in the groups you organised during the prewatching. They have 10 minutes to design a plan to study 100 people lives, from their childhood till they die. They also have to focus on their level of happiness.

7. Choose a spokesperson per group and ask them to explain their conclusions.

d) Watch until minute 6:01 (15 minutes)

8. Before watching, ask them to gather as many details as possible about how the project is conducted.

9. What did they find out about these people?

10. What lessons do you think they’ve learnt from this study?

e) Watch until the end. (25 minutes)

11.Discuss these questions in groups:

    1. What is the lesson they learnt? Give as many details as possible
    2. Do you agree with this lesson?
    3. What’s the effect of long-lasting and close relationships in our lives?

12. Now you know the secret, what can you do to achieve a better life? Design a plan. 



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