It’s been a long time since I last published an activity here. But here we are again. I don’t remember how many times I’ve taught or shown the US electoral system to my students. It’s complicated and different from ours in Spain. Of course, what happens in the USA affects the whole world and it’s important for us. If we combine these two factors, we have a reason to talk about it in class.

I found this video on the facebook group Cosas que encuentro para clase and I decided to exploit it for my lesson this evening. Here are the instructions.

LEVEL: b2 and above

TIME: 45 minutes

MATERIALS: video and cards.


  1. Elicit from your students any information they know about the US elections and what they know about their candidates.
  2. Play the video and explain that they have to pay attention because they have to answer some questions afterwards.
  3. Form groups of 4 people. One of them is the moderator of the game and will have the sheet with the answers. The other 3 are the players.
  4. Give each group a set of cards and give each moderator the answersheet.
  5. Each group has to put their stack of cards facing down on the desk. In turns, players take a card, if they know the answer, they keep it, if they don’t, the next player can try to guess, and the next if necessary. If nobody guesses, the moderator keeps the card.
  6. The moderator decides if the answer is right or wrong.
  7. The student with more cards at the end wins.

Here you can find the video and download the cards and the answersheet.


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