Hi. After a long period I’m back here. It’s not that I’ve not created activities, it’s that I’ve forgotten to upload them.

LEVEL: B2 and above

AGES: 16 and above

TIME: 90 minutes approx

MATERIALS: youtube video projected in class and worksheet download link at the end)

GROUPING:  small groups and whole class


I did the lesson with my students yesterday and it was great fun as it triggers lots of discussion issues using humour at the same time. They even managed to solve all the questions.


Download the lesson plan here.

Say something nice

Captura de pantalla 2014-11-24 a las 12.59.42

This is a speaking activity based on a video. I love this activity because it’s the kind of activity that creates a nice atmosphere in class and evokes positive feelings.

LEVEL: intermediate and above

MATERIALS: the video below

TIME: 25′ approx



Play the beginning and stop at 00:18. Ask where they think this people are and what they think it’s going to happen.


Then I play some more seconds till they read “say something nice”. Ask them to guess who is going to say something nice, and what “something nice” means.


Watch the video until the end. Discuss with your students if they liked it or not, if they think these events can make a change and what we could do to make a better world.


Give them a couple of minutes to think what they would say, then ask them to stand up and say their sentence.