Playing Charades

I really think that laughter and fun have to be included in all my lessons. When things are presented in an interesting way, your brain is more receptive to new knowledge. Besides, I also feel that if I have fun while teaching, I also feel more motivated and students receive that feedback. Continue reading


Feelings: activity for revision of vocabulary

After teaching adjectives to describe feelings in class, I used this activity as warm-up and revision.

  • Time: 15 minutes
  • Language: adjectives to describe feelings
  • Level: intermediate, upper-intermediate
  • Materials: one set of cards for each group of 4-5 students

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Guided Story: Romeo and Juliet

Sometimes students don’t know how to start a story. I’ve created this activity to help them brainstorm and then write a story. The activity can be used with intermediate students and above and it takes about 45 minutes. If we want them to write a story in class they should be given 30 more minutes.

These are the steps of the activity: Continue reading